Getting The Most From Your Shelf Talkers

One of the most effective retail marketing tricks in the book is also one of the best – stand out with shelf talkers.Shelf talkers

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These little guys help draw attention to your products and specials and play a significant role in helping visitors to a store locate and purchase your brand. But how do we maximise the effect that these shelf talkers can have on prospective buyers and make sure that we are gaining the maximum possible advantage?

Here are 5 simple yet effective shelf talker design tips to keep in mind when designing your next in store campaign:

  • Use Big Fonts

The easier a shelf talkers headline is to read while on the go and from a distance, the more effective it is in attracting your prospective buyers attention. Dont make people have to get too close to see what you are offering, chances are that they will walk on by instead.

  • Make Shelf Talkers Easy To Read When Passing By

Shelf talkersA combination of the big font and an attention grabbing message will pull attention really well. Instead of a long-winded piece about the product, start with a strong headline that serves as a benefit statement, and keep the supplementary information as concise as possible. Bullet points work really well for this.

  • Go Easy On The Design

Too much color or a busy design can detract from the message that you are trying to share, and wont help your talker stand out from the crowd. Keep the design as simple as possible to allow the shelf talker to convey your message and promote your product without getting lost in the noise created by other products and promotions in the shopping aisle. That doesn’t mean that your design should be boring, you want it to stand out. Be bold, be creative, but don’t be the same.

  • Make Your Shelf talkers Informative

Once you’ve got the attention of a buyer, its imperative that you expand on your headline (which should be a catchy, unique sales benefit) with supporting facts, details or information that is likely to drive a sale. This is not where you need to be too creative, simply focus on your products strengths and sell it. Think of it from a buyers perspective, ‘Im here now, you’ve got my attention, make it worthwhile and you’ve got a sale’. Here is a great article on how to write copy for shelf talkers.

  • Make Sure You Use High Quality Materials For Your Shelf Talkers

There is nothing worse than seeing a shelf talker thats been around for a while thats looking worse for wear, and about to fall off the shelf. this is not liekly to inspire any more sales than not having a talker on the shelf at all. Use good quality materials so that your talker will last and keep the new and enticing new product look. Since shelf talkers are low cost advertising in any case, it definitely wont hurt to spend a penny more for better materials or coatings.

The great benefits mentioned above are easy to implement, and on top of that, wobblers and shelf talkers are low cost in-store advertising solutions.

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